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Stable & sustainable solutions

Bitumen Supply

We manufacture and supply top quality pen grade bitumen, cutbacks and bitumen emulsions

We have a wide range of bitumen products for all road construction needs, both for small and large projects. We supply locally in Kenya and other regions in East Africa

Road Maintenance

We also do road maintenance works while focusing on execution and delivery of results.

Core Services

Bitumen storage and trading

We deliver two main grades of bitumen (60/70 and 80/100) to traders, and road paving contractors.

Formulation Services

Our team supports and directs the design of robust asphalt formulations for constructing and maintaining the top layer of the road structure

Technical Support

Our technical staff remains close to our clients, offering technical support where necessary, as well as exclusive access to new products and technologies

Our Experience

We have been in the construction industry for thirteen years, mastering all technicalities and being able to perform beyond client expectations

Our Personnel

Our team of experts ensure that projects are carried out smoothly thus being able to deliver excellent services in a timely manner

Our Equipment

We use the best equipment and latest machinery to deliver our work and services

Our Clients

These are a few of the clients we have worked with